Author: Dr. John Kim

bad posture sitting at desk

Shoulders rounded, head forward and eyes down.  Reminded of anyone you know? It’s human nature to assume this Quasimodo-like, bad posture trend is “no big deal,” but your Grandmother was wise when she told you to “stand up straight!” SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING New studies are confirming what common sense already tells us…that sitting […]

The sun is shining, there’s a warm breeze and the sound of the full leafy trees rustling down the street. Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to start improving on your physical and emotional well-being. Your health success depends on your mindset, and attainable goals you choose for yourself can help you on […]

Spring is here, and warmer weather is (hopefully) soon on its’ way! After a cold, snowstorm-filled winter, we’re all looking forward to some much needed time outdoors in the sunshine. What better way to enjoy the warmer weather than to spend time in a garden? Are you an avid gardener? Working outside is a great […]

We all experience stress. It’s inevitable. It’s a part of life and part of being human. While some of us may experience more stress than others, one thing is certain… We can’t simply ignore those things that bring add stress in our daily lives. The question is: How can we increase our body’s ability to […]

The global technology boom may have improved our lives and connected the world, but it has also caused an epidemic of “Text Neck” and contributed to some serious health problems. New York spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hansraj published research in 2014 measuring the effects of forward head posture on the cervical spine and found that a normal […]

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