Keep your Immune System Strong!

Keep your Immune System Strong!

The best way to protect yourself against any bacteria or virus is to keep your immune system strong and healthy. This is a great opportunity to re-focus on the habits that help your body function at its best.

1. Get Lots of Rest – Your immune system is most active while you are sleeping, working to recycle unhealthy cells and deal with any invading organisms.

2. Eat Healthy – Sugar, especially in the simple form found in sweets and baked goods, reduces the efficiency of your immune system. This can be tough in times of high stress, when we tend to crave sweets and comfort foods. Do your best!

3. Get Outside for Regular Walks – Take advantage of the additional time at home to get outside for walks. Thirty minutes of walking daily has been shown to increase the efficiency of your immune system.  Don’t forget to keep your distance from other walkers.

4. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones – Social connection is especially important in times of greater fear and anxiety. By connecting with people you love (and who care about you), you reduce the power of external stressors that depress your immune system.  Give them a call, FaceTime, or some other Video chat.

5. Keep the Essential Nutrients Optimized – Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E, K, Probiotics, and Omega 3s help reduce inflammation and keep your immune system optimized.  These essentials are best obtained through whole foods, however, supplements are second best.


The human body is truly extraordinary and your immune system is one of the most exquisite examples of this.  Following these five tips are a great way to start living a healthier life. Share this with your family and friends, everyone could use a little extra help right now.


Stay healthy and see you at your next check-up!

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