22 Reasons To Take Rest Seriously

Everyone knows that rest is important but is it really a matter of life or death?

For an activity we would all love to have more of, there’s far too much “lip service” and not enough action.

Here are 22 reasons to take rest seriously:


Rest Boosts Your Immune System

The immune system is extremely energy dependent and taking a break allows your body to redistribute resources back to this high priority process.


Rest Enhances Your Memory

When you’re fatigued the brain cannot function at 100% and one of the big tradeoff’s is information recall.


Rest Restores Your Energy Levels

You only have a limited amount of available energy for output and sleep is your opportunity to restore those levels to their capacity.


Rest Stimulates Your Creativity

Have you ever tried to stimulate new thoughts and ideas when you can barely keep your eyes from rolling back?


Rest Aids With Weight Management

When you lack sleep the body shifts into survival mode and one adaptations is a down regulation of metabolism. The end result is a body resistant to reducing body fat for fear it may also lose access to valuable energy in a time of need.


Rest Strengthens Your Mental Health

Research shows depression is higher in cases where sleep debt is prevalent.


Rest Normalizes The Aging Process

Lack of sleep is a major stress to anyone and the increase in your body’s stress chemistry speeds up the aging process…something we’d all love to avoid if possible.


Rest Makes You Happier

Do you notice how peaceful and refreshed you feel when you wake up from a nice, restorative sleep? Imagine if this was a regular occurrence…smiles all around.


Rest Reduces Your Caloric Needs

The more quality sleep you get, the less time you’re awake and needing energy. Add in how much more efficient the body performs when rested and you won’t find yourself pining for food all day long.


Rest Improves Inflammation

It’s well known that inflammation is at the core of many chronic and serious health conditions. Adequate sleep helps to normalize the inflammatory process and take one more potential negative out of your health puzzle.


Rest Stimulates Recovery

Restorative sleep is named appropriately because it’s during this time that body has time and resources to focus on healing and repair.


Rest Boosts Your Stress Adaptability

When you burn the candle at both ends, your body’s stress management systems get taxed making you weak and susceptible.


Rest Is Associated With Longevity

Assuming your enhanced lifespan was at super high quality…who wouldn’t want this massive benefit to sleep!


Rest Increases Athletic Performance

Athletes have known for a long time that plenty of rest prior to training or a competition increases their performance. Professional athlete or not, your performance in all areas of your life are better rested.


Rest Decreases Pain Levels

As sleep decreases, your body’s sensitivity levels go up and that means PAIN. The same stimulus under conditions of sleep deprivation will feel more painful that while rested.


Are you resting enough?

In case you needed more convincing, adequate and quality rest also positively influences:

  • Your Grades
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Decreases Your Diabetic Risk
  • Leads To Healthier Skin
  • Makes You More Productive

And what I think is the absolute best reason to take rest seriously… it feels AMAZING!


Are you resting enough? Why not? What is the primary reason you don’t get the rest you need?

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