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Dr. Puja Goyal


Meet Milton Chiropractor, Dr. Puja Goyal

Dr. Goyal pursued her lifelong interest in the study of the human body at McMaster University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Biochemistry.  During the course of her studies, her curiosity led her to the understanding that we have the power to heal from within and that properly identifying the root cause was the correct place to start.  Dr. Goyal discovered that the study of chiropractic was a natural extension of this interest, and attended Logan University in Missouri to attain her designation as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  After 3.5 years of intense and rigorous training, her understanding and passion for treating patients only grew.

Dr. Goyal has been in practice since 2005, helping patients from newborns, moms-to-be, seniors, and everyone in between on their path to healing. She is eager to help you on your path to wellness as well.

Living in Milton for over 15 years with her husband and 2 kids, Dr. Goyal and her family are active members in the community and enjoy all the wonderful places Milton has to offer.

“ My goal is to listen, understand, investigate and address your health concerns and by doing so help you on your journey to wellness and show you how to stay healthy”


Dr. Goyal looks forward to hearing from you. (905) 878-2333